This is a collection of resources I created to help you wake up and live your legacy. Through the course of my own personal growth I have tried and experimented with many tools to live my day-to-day with more intention. Below are some of the tools I use, plus some variations to those tools that work better for others. Please feel free to try and use what you like. If you have any suggestions, or a way to improve something you think would add value to others, please let me know.

Journal Template (Night)

Here is the journal form I use on a nightly basis. There are three main sections covering gratitude, thoughts for the day, and habit tracking. I end each day with three detailed gratitude statements, then just brain dump whatever is on my mind in the thoughts for the day section. Typically it has been helpful to call out something that went well, and something more challenging that could have been improved upon. Finally, there is a checkbox section for tracking a few habits you are currently focused on building. Whether you are trying to make or break a habit, this is a good tool to keep you cognizant of your goals each day. To use this I keep a folder for each year and simply use the blank form to create a new file every night.

*Woke Tip – Looking back on the gratitude statements has made a huge impact in my relationships with those close to me. Occasionally, I will take a few of the statements for an individual, and write them a thank you note showing how much I appreciate the impact they have on my life. I was always bad at this, but documenting your feelings in the moment makes a simply thank you note extremely powerful.